Welcome at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design

The Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design combines research and teaching in the fields of structural analysis, structural dynamics, materials, façade and structural engineering in order to achieve a uniform basis for materials-appropriate design and construction. This orientation covers both basic theoretical work on calculation and design methods, materials testing and simulation, materials modeling, numerical simulations, component safety, construction processes, as well as applied research and development from design through the component to the materials level. Energy performance issues come under consideration from the perspective of the design and the materials being used.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Clemens Hübler

We want to push the boundaries of structural and constructional possibilities in the building industry - building with special materials such as glass, plastics or paper, special load-bearing structures and facades in the building industry, building under dynamic and unusual influences as well as buildings and energy - these are the topics that ISM+D deals with.

Picture: Heide Thomas


Learn fundamentals of structural engineering or dive deep into glass and facade design.

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