Bernadette Lang-Eurisch M.Sc.

Energy Efficient Construction | Paper Construction and Design

Working area(s)


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Work L5|06 462
Franziska-Braun-Straße 3
64287 Darmstadt


  • SWIVT II: „District energy modules for existing residential areas – Impulses for linking energy efficient technologies“ (Project Coordinator)
    • Development of systemic tools for sustainability assessment of energy-efficient building renovations.
  • PapE:: Paper-based circular exterior wall system (Project Coordinator)
    • Development of an exterior facade made from biogenic fiber materials.

Research Focus Areas

  • Energy Efficient Construction
    • Façade Greening Strategies
      Synergy of Environmental Impact Assessment and Microclimatic Analysis for Sustainable Urban Planning.
    • Life Cycle Analysis of Buildings with Consideration of Circularity
      Comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts and energy consumption of buildings, incorporating material cycles throughout their entire life cycle.
    • Design for Disassembly
      Strategies and techniques to facilitate the demolition and reuse of building components.
  • Paper Construction and Design
    • Circularity of Biogenic Fiber Materials
      A comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the circularity of biogenic fiber materials.
    • Technologies for Building Material Recycling
      Research and improvement of techniques for efficient material recovery.

Theses related to the above-mentioned research focuses can be supervised. An overview of the currently offered topics can be foundhere . After consultation, it is also possible to submit your own topic suggestions.