Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack

Professor for Façade Structures


Basics of Structural Engineering

Building with Paper

Energy Technologies in Civil Engineering and Architecture (ECTEA)

Experimental Façade Technology (BSc)

Facade Technology (M.Sc.)

Façade Technology II (MSc)

Glass and Facade Project (MSc)

Regenerative energies


Against the background of ever more complex system solutions and increasingly elaborate planning services and certification methods, teachings related to the building envelope are embedded in the basic studies of a BSc curriculum as well as in the advanced studies of the MSc curriculum.

In addition to imparting a basic understanding of building physical principles and the according requirements, principles and systems, the range of systematic solutions as well as the possibilities of individual engineering solutions is introduced. The objective is to create an understanding of the possible potential and technologies as well as a constructive approach and handling of façade technology.