Academic Specialisation Profile

Structural Glass and Facade Constructions

In building construction projects, facades develop into complex and elaborate constructions with their own systematics and dependencies, which is reflected in a cost share of 15-25% of the total volume of construction costs. Glass as a material is experiencing an extreme boost in development, both in technical and functional (transparency, energy) terms. The combination of both topics not only reflects the current trends in the building industry, but also promises to dominate an essential area of building construction in terms of technology and design in the long term.

Stand alone in Germany and Europe

In the German environment of the engineering courses of study, the scientific focus “Structural Glass and Facade Construction” of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering described here is offered as the only one at a university and, in contrast to other programs at other locations, focuses on comprehensive scientific engineering education. Furthermore, the combination of a facade course with a focus on glass construction is unique both in Germany and internationally.

Career Prospects

In the direct regional environment (Frankfurt / Heidelberg), a lively interest was expressed by facade construction companies and planning offices as well as by glass and facade associations with regard to a university focus on the topic of glass and facades. In this context, there are offers for intensive support both in teaching and in practical components of the degree programme. Such cooperations increase career prospects and enable direct entry into practice.

European Facade Network

The described scientific focus “Structural Glass and Facade Construction” of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering is integrated in a European association of facade masters. Currently active facade masters exist in Delft / Netherlands, Bristol / UK, San Sebastian / Spain, Detmold / Germany Lisbon / Portugal, Istanbul / Turkey, Bolzano / Italy and Odense / Denmark.