Experimental Façade Engineering (BSc)

Experimental Façade Technology (BSc)

The lectures in Experimental Façade Technology are about:

  • Principles of construction regarding the façade
  • Functionality and materials
  • Concepts of the integration of additional functions within the façade
  • Experimental structural design
  • Basics on alternative moulding systems
  • Bottom up approach within the design process
  • Utilisation

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Teacher Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack
Consulting by appointment only
Teaching assistants Martin Wilfinger M.Sc.
Alexander Wolf M.A.
Consulting by appointment only
Schedule Winter semester and summer semester  
  Lecture: Tue 09:50 – 11:20, room L402|4
  Exercise: Tue 11:20 – 13:20, to be announced
  Start of the course: 15.10.2019
  Oral examination: To be announced