equipment Methods

Equipment Methods

Pedestrian Bridge

Simply supported beam structure consisting of two steel I-beams in longitudinal direction which are connected with concrete elements in transverse direction. An intermediate movable support can be included upon need to transfer it to a two-span beam and to adjust itsfirst natural frequency.

Total mass: 12000 kg – first vertical

Natural frequency: 2.03 Hz

Measuring Amplifiers

2 universal measuring amplifiers with 8 input channels

1 universal measuring amplifier with 4 input channels and 4 output channels


16 uniaxial seismic accelerometers

4 triaxial accelerometers

Displacement Transducers

4 displacement transducers with loose plunger, measuring range 0-50 mm

2 displacement transducers with spring, measuring range 0-50 mm

Impulse Force Hammer

Test hammer with integrated force transducer in three sizes:

Small: hammer mass 0.16 kg

Medium: hammer mass 1.1 kg

Large: hammer mass 5.4 kg

Vibration Exciter

Vibration exciter in vertical or horizontal operation

max. Stroke: 290 mm, Max. Force: 500 N

Rope Tension Meter RTM-D

For measuring rope forces up to 20 kN – Rope diameter up to 40 mm