equipment Material

Equipment Material


Testing machine with the following testing devices:

Double ring bending test in different sizes,

3- and 4-point bending test in different sizes,

Tension and pressure,

Shear test

Tempering chamber

Together with the Zwick testing machine, tests can be carried out under temperature and humidity. Cameras and lighting are available for optical evaluation (window on door and side).

Testing machine for thin glass

Testing machine for thin glass under constant bending radius, path-controlled testing, measurement of curvature and bending moment

Optical stress analysis

Various devices are available for the optical stress analysis.

SCALP: Measurement of residual stresses or the stress profile across the cross-section

GASP: Surface tension measurement

Edge Stress Meter: Measurement of edge stresses

Universal Surface Tester

Profilometry measurements, produce surface damages and macrointendation

Digital Microscope

Light adjustable from above (incident light) and from below (transmitted light), coaxial illumination


Shear rheometer for torsional DMTA (dynamic mechanical thermal analysis) at different temperatures in convection furnaces