On November 14, 2017, Prof. Dr. Stefan Kolling was awarded first place in the competition for the “Research Prize of the Hessian Universities of Applied Sciences”.

Dr.-Ing. Manuel Roth was awarded the Robert Paul Kling Prize 2016 for his dissertation “Zur Berechnung von Bauteilen in hybrider Bauweise unter Ballistischer Stranspruchung”.

On 11.05.2016 Dr.-Ing. Jonas Hilcken was awarded a prize for outstanding scientific achievements by the Friends of the TU for his dissertation.

On 13.01.2016 Dr.-Ing. Johannes Kuntsche was awarded the Kurt Ruths Prize 2016 for outstanding research.

The Bilfinger SE Prize 2015 was awarded to Miriam Schuster M. Sc. on December 10, 2015.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rühl was awarded the Robert Paul Kling Prize 2015 for his master thesis “On infrared thermography for validation of transient numerical simulations”.